The Bordeaux 2022 vintage has garnered immense praise from wine experts, with esteemed critics like James Suckling, Antonio Galloni, and Neal Martin providing their insights and assessments. This extraordinary year has left an indelible mark on Bordeaux wines, showcasing a unique combination of ideal weather conditions, exceptional grape quality, and the region’s ability to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. The 2022 vintage has set a new benchmark for Bordeaux, offering wines that are characterized by their full-bodied nature, complexity, age-worthiness, and the potential for both immediate enjoyment and long-term cellaring. Moreover, experts suggest that investing in Bordeaux 2022 wines can be a rewarding endeavor. In this article, we will explore the evaluations and highlights from renowned critics, providing a comprehensive overview of the remarkable Bordeaux 2022 vintage.
James Suckling  James Suckling, a highly respected wine critic, describes the Bordeaux 2022 vintage as truly exceptional and believes it sets a new benchmark for the region. Suckling notes that this is the 40th vintage he has tasted en primeur, and he is impressed by the way Bordeaux faced the challenges of climate change, particularly the hot and dry conditions of the 2022 growing season. While the red wines steal the spotlight, Suckling also highlights the greatness of Sauternes wines in this vintage, with exceptional botrytis-affected wines produced. He praises the overall quality consistency across estates, from more modest ones to the grand châteaux, and identifies several wines with potential 100-point scores. Top scorers:
  • Château Cheval Blanc: 99-100 Points
  • Château Lafite Rothschild: 99-100 Points
  • Le Pin: 99-100 Points
  • Château Leoville Las Cases: 99-100 Points
  • Château Pontet-Canet: 99-100 Points
Antonio Galloni’s:   Antonio Galloni, in his report, expresses his enthusiasm for the Bordeaux 2022 vintage, describing the best wines as magnificent and viscerally thrilling. He considers them some of the most memorable young wines he has ever tasted. Galloni highlights the combination of flavor intensity, energy, and finesse found in these wines, which he describes as magical. He believes that the Bordeaux 2022 vintage showcases the region’s ability to thrive in the face of climate change. While some wines are considered a bit fragile, he is enchanted by the advancements in viticulture and winemaking. Top scorers:
  • Château Léoville-Las Cases: 98-100 Points
  • Vieux Château Certan: 98-100 Points
  • Château La Gaffeliere: 98-100 Points
  • Château Cheval Blanc: 98-100 Points
  • Château Beau-Séjour Bécot: 98-100 Points
Neil Martin Neal Martin shares his perspective on the Bordeaux 2022 vintage, emphasizing his frustration with estates insisting on individual tastings rather than larger events. He acknowledges the verdant health of the vines prior to harvest but questions the impact of the hot and dry conditions on the wines, despite some producers arguing otherwise. Martin finds the wines to be suffused with freshness, offering notable depth, freshness, and finely-sculpted tannins. While praising the best wines as dazzling, he also highlights some wines that exhibit flaws attributable to human error in picking dates. Martin emphasizes that these wines are meant for long-term aging and that terroir played a guiding role, resulting in a partial flattening of the hierarchical pyramid. Saint-Julien stands out as a standout region in his assessment.  Top scorers:
  • Château Cheval Blanc: 98-100 Points
  • Château Léoville-Las Cases: 98-100 Points
  • Château L’Église Clinet: 98 Points
  • Château Montrose: 97-99 Points
  • Château Lafleur: 97-99 Points
Jane Anson Jane Anson’s evaluation of the Bordeaux 2022 vintage offers a distinct perspective. She focuses on tasting notes and scores, highlighting the high levels of tannin, color, and alcohol in the wines. Anson suggests caution with drinking windows due to the alcohol content. She notes the different approaches taken by producers, with stronger second wines in the northern Médoc and an advantage on Saint-Emilion’s limestone plateau. Pomerol is described as having a “muscular swaggering style” in this vintage. Top scorers:
  • Château Margaux: 98-100 Points
  • Château Latour: 98-100 Points
  • Château Cheval Blanc: 98-100 Points
  • Château Ausone: 98-100 Points
  • Château Lafleur: 98-100 Points
Ella Lister Ella Lister’s exploration of the Bordeaux 2022 vintage reveals exceptional qualities defying expectations. She emphasizes the wines’ brilliance, density, concentration, and surprising freshness, along with diverse enchanting textures. ‘These wines exhibit remarkable flavours while maintaining finesse and energy, surpassing all odds despite challenging conditions’. Bordeaux 2022 is a vintage of unparalleled excellence, showcasing the region’s commitment to crafting exceptional wines. The Bordeaux 2022 vintage, praised by various critics, offers full-bodied, complex, and age-worthy wines for immediate enjoyment or cellaring, making them a valuable choice for enthusiasts and collectors alike.  Top scorers:
  • Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion: 96-99 Points
  • Château Latour: 96-98 Points
  • Petrus: 96-98 Points
  • Château Ducru Beaucaillou: 95-98 Points
  • Château L’Evangile: 95-98 Points
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