Storage & Shipping and taxes

Where are my wines stored?
All your wines are stored with state-of-the-art storage solutions providers. Because all these facilities are bonded, we can offer our customers significant tax advantages with no VAT or excise duty taxes when we are buying and selling wines. We also extend a full insurance policy to protect your wines.
What are the storage and insurance costs?
The storage and insurance of your wines will cost you 2.00€ per bottle per year.
Can you ship my wines to a destination of my choosing?
Yes, you can request bottles from your portfolio to be delivered to you (or any other address that wine can legally be shipped to). Additional shipping charges and taxes will apply according to the destination country. We ship your wines with industry leading logistics providers.
What are benefits of storing your wines in bond?
If you choose to store your wines in our bonded warehouses, no additional tariffs and excise duty taxes are applied when buying and selling through the Vintage Cellar platform. However, these taxes will apply once those wines are removed from the warehouse and shipped to you.

How to Become a member

How do I become a member?
Start your Vintage Cellar journey by filling the form available on our Welcome page. We will send you your personal access code by email as well as the link to download the Vintage Cellar app on your mobile device. Access your account by entering your personal access code in the app.
Is there a minimum purchase amount to become a member?
No, there is no minimum order to become a member.
What’s the cost of being a vintage Cellar member?
No, we do not charge any membership fees.
What methods of payment can I use to buy wines with vintage Cellar?
We offer these methods of payments:
  • Pay with a credit or debit card directly on the app
  • Pay via wire transfer


Who owns the wines stored in-bond with Vintage Cellar?
You, the member, own all the wines that you choose to store with us in our bonded warehouses. We provide invoices attached to your information for all transactions between you and Vintage Cellar as proof of ownership.
Can I get photos of the wines in my cellar?
Upon request, your dedicated sommelier will provide photographs of the wines in your portfolio for a fee of 15€ per case. We cannot take photographs of En Primeur as these wines are not yet bottled.

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