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A smarter alternative

The world of fine wine, beyond simple enjoyment, presents a tangible opportunity as an alternative investment. The dynamics of supply vs demand allows wine as an asset to consistently outperform the more traditional world of stocks and like gold, watches and art, fine wine offers stability and resilience in times of economic uncertainty.

If you had invested

Your investment would be worth:


*Historical performance based on estimated annualized return on investment of 8.26% pa

Investing made easy

With the Vintage Cellar App, you have a world of fine wine at your fingertips. Browse and purchase some of the world’s most exclusive châteaux, track your portfolio performance and manage your cellar. Our dedicated wine experts are always available to advise you on the perfect portfolio.

How to invest

Learn how to build a portfolio containing high-return wines from some of the biggest names across Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and more. Our guide to investment and wine collecting covers:
  • Introduction to wine as an asset
  • Guide to different regions
  • Historical performance

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