Located in Bordeaux within the Pomérol appellation, on the right bank of the Gironde, Pétrus is one of the best known and most expensive wines in the world. This estate carries the prestige of Bordeaux wines beyond borders. A collector’s item, a source of fantasy for wine lovers, a wine sold at auctions for several hundred thousand dollars. There’s something mythical in this wine that every Oenophile should have drunk at least once in their life; tasting a bottle of Pétrus is a bit like the ultimate gold!
The Famous Bottle of Pétrus

Originality & Identity

The name of Pétrus comes from the locality on which the land of the estate is located (the hill of La Boutonnière Pétrus) and this place bears the name of Saint Pierre’s Greek version “Petros”. When Madame Loubot became the owner of Pétrus in 1940, she formed the label of her wine showing St Peter holding the keys of heaven.

Humble Estate with Lordly Reputation

The most expensive wine in the world had a very modest beginning. It is a small wine estate, it has no Château, no Grand Cru classification, no second wine and sometimes no Pétrus. The estate measures 11.3 hectares, yet it produces one of the most remarkable wines in the world. It produces only one red Bordeaux made of 100% of Merlot. It has no second wine and sometimes no Pétrus is produced because the owners prefer not to offer it if it’s not up to ultimate standards. Pétrus is labeled without the world “Château” which distinguishes it from other wines in Bordeaux, because there’s no château on the premises, only a modest building which is rare in Bordeaux, compared to the chic estates with their majestic architectures. In addition, Pétrus is a normal AOC Pomérol with no Grand Cru status.
Pétrus Estate

Unstoppable Ageing

Pétrus can be kept for several decades as it has an amazing ageing capacity which allows it to improve with time. It has complex aromas of black fruits, truffles, and floral touches with a deep texture, with velvety tannins, crazy energy, and incredible endless length in the mouth.

2018 Pétrus – 100 Points

The 2018 Pétrus is a brilliant wine that has perfection written all over it, and it’s unquestionably one of the most powerful, opulent wines in the vintage. Reference to Liv-ex, Pétrus’ performance is unusual. As the chart below shows it has diverged from its peer group index during the last few months. Subsequently, the wine’s index has risen 8.6% year to date, against a more modest rise of 2.3% for its peer group.
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