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Founded by Selim Bocti, Vintage Cellar provides unrivalled access to some of the biggest and most prestigious producers globally, whether it be investment or cellar planning your dedicated wine expert will be on hand. And, with our all-in-one digital app, you can buy, track and move your wine, putting you in control. All wine is stored in bond in state of the art facilities, ready to be shipped to you when needed.
Selim Bocti, Co-founder & CEO

If you had invested

Your investment would be worth:


*Historical performance based on estimated annualized return on investment of 8.26% pa

Fine wine: a bastion of stability

The investment landscape has been been thrown into turmoil in recent years. Between the effects of COVID-19 and the crypto crash, there are few safe avenues. Over this time, fine wine has continued to deliver. Even at the height of COVID restrictions, there were only small dips in the market.

How to invest

Learn how to build a portfolio containing high-return wines from some of the biggest names across Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and more. Our guide to investment and wine collecting covers:
  • Introduction to wine as an asset
  • Guide to different regions
  • Historical performance

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